Tvs,Xdressers,sissymaids etc..are you in need of feminisation help ???

Girly night Anne summers party for Xdressers, Tvs, Ts, subs, slaves

January 21, 2009
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Now anyone within the area ???

Ask around if there is anyone at work who wants an Anne Summers sexy
knickers and toy party.

http://sarahspartyp lanbookings. wordpress. com/

I can give parties for single sex gender and that includes gays, tvs
and cross dressers.

YES I do it in totaly vanilla mode….

NO that is not My personal phone number so dont waste My time with
silly calls thank you.

Mz Lucinda


Brum BBB tomorrow ..want to meet for a chat ???

October 18, 2008
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Any of you going to the Brum BBB tomorrow send Me an e mail…leave a message here or give Me a call and we can meet for a drink and a chat tomorrow.

Phone Number …… 07940981490

No silly silent calls please girls….. its not big, its not clever and i have them traced if you make a nuisance of yourself…ok

Take a look at both My websites… and the groups…..

Groups links are on previous post.

Mz Lucinda. 

If you would like a group setting up just for yourselves, let me know your ideas and thoughts. IF enough of you are interested then i will start a group for you. 


BDSM Yahoo Group, My eleite subs/slaves also a Financial Domination Group

October 14, 2008
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I have not updated this blog as there seemed to be very little interest in it…but I have not been idle.

I now have the 2 websites and linking Yahoo groups. The Yahoo groups are free to join but are strictly members only so use the click to join button on which ever group interests you. 

My Pro Domme site

For general Pro Domme and message boards

Click to join mz-lucindas-elite-subs-slaves




My Financial Domination site



Click to join DoFSS-desires-of-financial-slavery-servitude 


For those who are Financial slaves, aspire to be so or are just curious…. Join Desires of Financial Slavery & Servitude …DoFSS.




Summer outdoor fun

May 11, 2008
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Well the enthusiasm for this blog is to say the least…PATHETIC.

Now i go out to functions and see you people and wonder should i approach you and offer some helpful tips and advice …. well im offering it here so stop being shy for goodness sake.

I have got plans to move probably early next year, where to i hear you cry… well somewhere close to where i am now, in the countryside so nice and private.

What i intend to do ( as is on My personal blog) is have a live in slave, yes so thats could be you !!!

You would of course dress in female attire and make up while you carried out your duties and you would also be My plaything if you had a leaning towards bdsm also, ( I know some of you dont ).

you would have to be willing to relocate and be financialy stable as you would be expected to pay towards ALL expenses…

you would be under My control and I would continue as a Professional Dominatirix and you coulod well be used in sessions should i require this of you.

I am NOT looking for a lover or marriage partner and you would have your own room and privacy.

If you are a sissy maid this would be ideal for you and suit My purposes of course.

If you read the personal blog it gives more details and you can leave questions ond/or comments on here or there… if you prefer to e mail Me privately My e mail address is

I am expect a bit more enthusiasm, input and offers with regard to My plans.

Mz Lucinda x


Make up,panties,stockings…smooth and sheer.

April 20, 2008
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Yes thats what i said…..make up,panties,stockings.. is that what you long for, dream of…to run your hands over sheer stockings….the feel of silky materialcovering your cock ???

A face perfectly made up, a wig to complete your transformation ???

Of course I find it as much a thrill run My hands over the same materials that encase your body.

I need feed back…. what do you desire… what is your fantasy ??

Leave Me comments or e mail me on contact me under the same ID on msn…..or

I know many of you are nervous, you need not be, you will meet me first in public and i will soon put you at ease……you can combine your feminisation with a D/s or bdsm session… go shopping for clothes or dress as My maid and serve Me.

There are dozens of permiatations … be brave and take that first step, you wont regret it.

Visit My website and find out more about Me

Im glad to see several people leaving comments on My posts.. I do reply to everyone, whichever way you contact Me.

Mz. Lucinda x x

Turn heads to look at you…not away from you.

April 11, 2008
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Im amazed that, so far ive only had 1 person who has taken up my offer of make up and feminisation help !!!

Are you still all shy ??

See yourself transformed, properly applied make up can make a huge difference.

Flatter your face and figure with the right clothes.

Come you lot ..such apathy… you cant even leave a single comment !!!!

Mz Lucinda x

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No interest ?????

March 28, 2008
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The interest in this service has been nil so although this will stay here there is no point in My adding anything to it.

I am not sure if you are all just shy or cant be bothered..either way I will not run after people who cant be bothered to give input at all.

Mz Lucinda

Make-up… does what you apply REALLY suit you ??

February 23, 2008
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Take a look in the morror, yes a good look, is your foundation a good match for your skin tone, have you applied and blened ot correctly, does the eye shadow colour suit you, is your mascara to thick, leaving your eyelashes clumpy & stuck together, or are they long and sperated ???

Most of the above are common mistakes made, it takes time and skill to learn the art of applying even lipstick, yes that means using a lip pencil too, the results are so much better than just smearing the lippy over your lips… want well defined lips, the colour sealed in place not making unsightly bleeds along the lines around your mouth…..well you do dont you ???

Not every type of make up will suit you…of course there is the make up removal to consider….. what products to use, how to use them effectively etc.

The make up does not need to be the most expensive there is on the market, suprisingly its NOT always the best just because its expensive !!!

No need to be shy, any tuition and guidance is given in in private and in the strictest confidence…

Contact detils are on My website.

Please feel free to leave comments on here and  I will contact you via e mail.

Mz. Lucinda

Tvs,Xdressers,sissymaids etc..are you in need of feminisation help ???

February 19, 2008
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My name is Mz.Lucinda I am an experienced Professional Dominatrix ..due to demand I have included the following tuition to run alongside My other BDSM sessions.
TVs, X/Dressers,sissymaids,sub/slave etc, do you want to learn about make up & feminisation….. what shade & type of make up really suits your face, what style of clothes flatter you, look classy and feel good or even look classy but trashy ???
For the novice just starting out, it seems easy, just buy some make up and off you go…WRONG, have some help, learn female tips on looking good. The same applies to clothes, you buy what YOU think will suit you but generaly its with a males eye on fashion and 9/10 it is not what suits you.Why be stared at because you just dont look right, because you havent got it all together yet ???
Get looked at because you look damned good instead.

Over the past few months I have sessioned with all of the above type of novices including subs/ slaves & often I am asked for advice on how to improve the feminisation techniques. I have given demos on make up & clothing for males over the years

There is a £50 per hour fee, which will include, having full make up applied to you,learning about what colours suit you, how to apply it, also about skin care.
For the nervous novice,I can also accompany you on shopping trips to browse ladies clothing … having Me by your side will give you a reason to be taking close interest in female attire & will remove some of the uneasy feeling when you purchase your clothing, make up etc.

IF you require you clothes make up to be stored by Me it will be kept stored, sealed, with your name on  and secure for your personal use & yours alone.

PLEASE NOTE…. This is NOT a BDSM play session, if you require it to extend into a play session for you and maybe a friend, it can be arranged as a humiliation session with shopping trip if required ( My standard session fees apply ).
E mail Me with your ideas and details.

If you wish to know more,you can….
Visit My website
Phone Me..Mobile.. 07940981490
E mail me at

About author

I am an experienced Professional Dominatrix and Financial Goddess. My passion in life is BDSM & D/s, My websites gives more details about Me. This blog is aimed at males interested in feminisation, either novice TVs, XDressers, sissymaids submissives or slaves.